Our beginnings...

TargetMusic is based in Huizen. It began its operations in 2004 and was a supplier of the Planet Music platform, one of the first audio streaming platforms in the Netherlands.


TargetMedia B.V., founded in 1995, delivers since 2001 through white-label digital music product and service solutions, such as Ringtones, to companies such as MSN, Samsung, etc. In 2007 a completely DRM-free music download platform was developed and in 2008 introduced in the Dutch market through the DownloadMusic.nl web. In 2009 TargetMedia bought the Aim4Music business and integrated it together with the TargetMedia download platform into a new independent entity: Target Media Music Partners Holding B.V., which includes the operating company TargetMusic B.V.


At the end of 2009, a substantial minority share of this new holding company was sold to Polydor B.V. (Universal Music) and Media and More Factory B.V. (including DJ Erik de Zwart), providing over 100 years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the music industry to the company.


The objective of the company is to provide a complete infrastructure, from development through delivery, for the marketing of digital music content including MP3 Downloads and Streaming Audio. TargetMusic is a White Label Technology supplier third party companies offering the possibility to market digital music content under its own brand name. The company has an international orientation, but also maintains a fundamental objective to continue support and providing Dutch language music products. TargetMusic not only provides all the technology, but also all necessary licensing and fees, such as to the record companies (including Universal Music, Sony, EMI, Warner Music) and agencies (including Buma Stemra).


Our platforms are currently used for direct consumer sales of the complete digital music catalog not only by companies in the music industry (e.g., Radio Station Radio 538), but also for marketing campaigns using only portions of the available content (e.g., Shell Music Weeks). Additionally, in cooperation with our sister company TargetMedia B.V., we provide complete solutions where various payment solutions in combination with the music content are required. For example, various TV programs such as Popstars, Idols and The Voice of Holland used our solutions of digital music content.


TargetMusic thereby offers a genuine 'one stop shop' which supports marketing efforts to realize digital music solutions under their own brand, as well as establishing contacts and building cooperation with the various music labels for showcases, performances, etc.

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