Digital Music Downloads

Digital Music offers your users flexibility and portability. Users can play their music on any device of their choice and whenever they wish.


Our music download platform provides users the ability to download invidual tracks or complete albums, with full preview capabilities for each track. Every track does not use DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption, allowing it to be played on PCs, mp3 Players, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.


The download not only includes the track but any related artwork and compressed into a zip file for quicker download and installation on any operating system. All downloads are completely legal as the sale price includes all required licensing payments (label company and regulatory agencies).


Our platform allows you to offer a complete music library to your customers. It is also possible to use subsets to target the available music to specific user groups, or even to promote isolated tracks for special events. Our automated systems provide real time execution of all transactions eliminating the back office paperwork.


With our API the functionality is easy to integrate into your website. For dedicated custom sites, we also offer a complete package incorporating your design objectives into a finished product. A sample of our download platform can be seen hier