To provide a media delivery and streaming platform providing high quality and exceptional reliability and uptime. This is realized through the combination of state of the art technology and a redundant architecture provide a seamless solution to the objective.


Starting with dual 10-Gigabit connections to the Dutch Internet Backbone, with automatic failover in case one line should fail, insure reliable customer connections to the network.

The 10-Gb bandwidth also insure the customer a connection without latency and quick connection times. The internal network is also built with 10-Gb, to prevent any back end bottlenecks from impacting performance.

The architecture is built on highly reliable modules, many with redundant failover components. 

Each module in the architecture is also redundant, permitting real time transition of failing components.


Choosing the right hardware insure high reliabilty and performance. 
The system and all of its components are monitored from three external locations in Europe to insure customer accesibility to the system. 

Additional sensors monitor ongoing performance of each of the components, to identify potential problems before they occur. 
In the coming year we will be expanding our core to a second failover data center. 

This will not only protect against a complete outage of one data center to end users but also increase the integrity of all satellite locations.



High Performance and Reliablity through an effective architecture using state of the art Software and Operating Systems. 
Through the use of virtualization within a cloud architecture, our systems achieve the highest possible reliability as well as performance. 
This insures that systems are always available to the end user and at the same time, distributes the load equally amongst the systems. 

Uptime is also increased, since all maintenance can be completed totally transparent to the end user. 
Our streaming platforms also utilize state of the art software for delivering today's music streams. 

Taking advantage of the Real Networks Technology used in the Helix Platform, we are able to provide the optimal solution for both desktop and mobile applications. 
This software puts the architecture and capability in place to provide live streaming, whether with audio or video.