Music Streaming

Whether the objective is to provide a complete streaming platform as a dedicated service, or as an add-on to your existing web platform to increase customer retention, our music streaming platform is the ideal solution.



It provides the ability to allow your customer to play streams without having to install any special software on the PC or install special applications on smartphones. This is possible through the use of HTML5 in modern browsers connecting to our API. Your time to market and implementation times are thereby drastically reduced. The API also supports integration with smartphone applications.


Through the flexibility built into our API, we can also maintain individual user accounts allowing for detailed tracking of music selection and playback patterns. As an alternative it can permit your website to provide the user authtification to our streaming system. Detailed usage information is still available through the use of session IDs.

It also assists in the attraction of new users by offering previews on a per track basis. To help build customer loyalty, social networking functions are also built in. These allow the user to create groups, share playlists, etc.


For promotional applications we also offer the ability to use pre-assigned tokens. The tokens can be distributed as part of your advertising campaign and allow the user to play the predefined track without any registration requirements. Ideal for seasonal promotions, special events or targeted marketing campaigns.


Our Music Streaming platform not only supports a range of stream types but also at different playback speeds. This makes it ideal for both home, office and mobile applications. Reliability is a critical factor in the design and more over the technology can be found under. Onze Technologie

An example of our API and HTML5 in use is hier